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 Description du jeu

There is no odd stuff in the game - playing decks and special cards only!
There are 48 playing cards with gods, 18 special cards and 4 player cards with gods' powers in WOM CLASSIC.
One game round for 4 players lasts about 15 minutes! That's why WOM is a very comfortable way to have an interactive break wherever you are!
Every character has a special power and an armor. Powers are based on ancient myths (Zeus beats opponents with a lightning and Thor can use a thunder hammer, for example).
Armor level depends on god's position in adapted mythological hierarchy.
There are gods and goddesses in every mythology whose power is to summon a special card.
There are 3 types of special cards: Wealth, Secret and War. Work on special cards art is still in process, so they will be much more beautiful!
Wealth is a card with bonus points: +10 (6 items), +20 (3 items), +30 (1 item). Available for Apollo (arts), Ptah (arts), Isis (fertility), Bragi (poetry) and Jarilo (fertility).
Secret is a card with a secret combination bonus: "Get +5 points for each Greek card in your stake", for example. Available for Athena (wisdom), Toth (knowledge), Frigg (wisdom) and Vesna (nature).
War is a deck of two cards: Death and Life. It's available for all gods of war: Ares, Horus, Tyr and Triglav. If you play the god of war from your mythology, your opponents have to play risky mini game similar to Russian Roulette.
1. Every player gets a random player card with a mythology (a trump for that game round) and gods' powers description.
2. All players receive a hand of 4 random cards from the shared deck.
3. Dealer shows a random card from the shared deck to assign a player for the first move.
4. WOM is a circle card game, so every player has to play 1 card per game circle: by beating previous card or dropping his card to opponent's stake.
5. You can beat an opponent's card with a senior card from the same mythology (Zeus beats any Greek card) or with a god from your mythology (your trump) if his armor is strong enough (trump Hera beats gods from other mythologies from 1 to 12 points).
6. When you play a card from your mythology (your trump), you use its special power automatically. You should read aloud a power description from your player card to all the opponents.
7. The winner of the circle takes all 4 cards to his stake (his earned points deck). But sometimes the winner can lose some cards from his stake due to gods' special powers.
8. All players take 1 card from the shared deck. New circle begins with the previous circle winner's move.
9. The game round ends when the shared deck and playing cards end. It's time to count pointsfrom the stake. The winner of the game round becomes a dealer.
10. You can play either by rounds (counting just victories) or by reaching to the exact point level (victory by reaching 500 points, for example).
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