The Agents
Par Saar Shai
Illustré par Dan Morison
Distribué par (auto Production)
2 à 5
10 à 99 ans
45 min
Temps de partie
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Description complète

The Agents is a strategic card game that introduces a unique double-edged card mechanism into the undercover world of covert operations, subterfuge, secrecy and sabotage. Players must join their Agents into Factions, assign Missions and take their opponents down, to gather intel and win the most points.
Each Agent card features a "command" on one end of the card and "points" on the other end. The direction in which you place the card determines from which asset you benefit. If you choose to perform the command, one of your opponents scores the points; if you keep the points for yourself, an opponent gets to perform the command. With 25 different Agents, each with its own unique ability, Agents can be turned, killed, extracted and swapped – making the game ever flexible, variable, unpredictable and a test of forward planning and quick thinking. As you learn about each Agent's special abilities, discover how Agents work together or against each other, and weigh up the advantages of collecting points for yourself versus using the commands to further your goals and sabotage your opponent's strategies, the game becomes increasingly complex, dynamic and challenging.
Missions, played alongside Factions of Agents, provide interesting, strategic conditions which, if fulfilled, score you big points – but if you race ahead, you'll also become a target for attack. The better you're doing, the more under fire you'll be.

Auteurs et éditions

édition 2013
Par Saar Shai
Illustré par Dan Morison
Distribué par (auto Production)

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Année de publication 2013
Auteurs Saar Shai
Illustrateurs Dan Morison
Éditeurs ~
Distributeurs (auto Production)
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Langue des règles anglais
Prix public conseillé 20,00 €

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The Agents
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