Resident Evil

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Par Tylar Allinder
Illustré par Jack L. Hueng
2 à 4
13 ans et +
30 min
Temps de partie
30,00 € prix de vente conseillé
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Wise Companion: Res. Evil DBG
17 août 2016
This is your wise companion to assist you when playing the card game Resident Evil Deck Building Game created by BANDAI. So this is NOT a game. Great game reference for your favorite game Resident Evil Deck Building Game containing all game cards and scenarios. No need to open any of the multiples game manuals to setup a game anymore! Just take your cards and start this application to start playing right now. Include informations from the core set, Alliance, Outbreak, Nightmare and Mercenaries. Easy to use scenario and mansion generator, pick a random scenarios or choose one and start playing! Pick your character to get informations about it's custom starting inventory for mercenary mode. Now, you can also track your main character health and XP, and the game remaining turns, so you don't have to use any cumbersome tokens while you are playing!
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critique du jeu par Gus&Co
26 avril 2011
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