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Pulp Alley captures the fast-paced excitement of classic cliffhanger serials and pulp magazines to more modern action/adventure stories. Designed primarily as a multi-player miniatures game, each Pulp Alley scenario is jammed full of villains, unexpected perils, and plenty of two-fisted action.

Pulp Alley’s unique and innovative rules offer players a thrill-packed and engaging experience –
• Pulp Alley plays at the pulse-pounding pace of your favorite pulps and serials.
• Characters are easy to create and customize, making each league unique.
• Players never need to consult charts during a scenario. The action is on the tabletop – not in a rulebook.
• Control of the Initiative is based on events as they occur during the scenario rather than an arbitrary die-roll.
• Fights are fast-paced and simultaneously dangerous for both characters, instead of the old I-shoot-then-you-shoot sequence.
• Perils and challenges are unpredictable and offer multiple paths to success.
• Scenarios are plot-driven, encouraging action, and offering an array of different rewards.
• Through campaigns and experience your characters can increase their skills and develop new abilities.

Créateur du jeu — David Phipps
Auteur contributeur — Rob Adams
Écriture additionnelle — Joshua Unruh
Édition — Rob Adams, Mila Phipps
Relecture originale — Patrick Connor
Illustration de couverture — Matthew Reynolds
Illustrations intérieures — Jon Ascher, John Picha, Matthew Reynolds, Robert Tillman
Photographies — Patrick Connor, David Phipps
Peintres des figurines — Patrick Connor, Brian Kaiser,
David Phipps
Traducteur — Alaric Cantonain

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