Les jeux de Valentina Moscon

I am Valentina Moscon, illustrator and a character designer.
I attended the ‘Illustration and Animation’ course at European Institute of Design (IED) in Milan, where I graduated in July 2012.

During my studies I’ve been selected for some external collaborations with commercial companies. One of them was the creation of an art installation for Value Retail, exposed at the Chic Outlet Shopping during Christmas 2012.
Those experiences let me improve my graphic style and gave me the chance to experiment with many different artistic techniques.

Due to my curiosity for different topics and my passion for everything concerns drawing and visual communication, I developed a very heterogeneous style.
In addition to character design, which is my main topic, I’m interested in editorial, conceptual and childhood illustration, fiction, comics, animation.

I am not tied to a particular type of project or artistic expression. I like to span a broad range of illustration, from the most sober newspaper article to a colourful and funny children’s book.
I always aim to look beyond the simple artistic and aesthetic result, trying to couple the content with the right ‘medium’ that can express it at its best.

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