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édition 2015
Par Iori Tsukinami
Édité par Moaideas Game Design


Langues des règles : anglais, japonais, chinois

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Description du jeu

Joraku, an ancient Japanese word commonly used before the Edo period, which means “Going to Kyoto”.
Specifically, during the Sengoku period, Joraku refers to the act of local warlords–the Daimyo marching their armies toward Kyoto, to "protect the Shogun and Emperor from other rogue lords" and ultimately rule in their place.
Onward to Kyoto! Take command of your army, and defeat every Daimyo blocking the way! March on! To victory! March on! Kachidoki!
Joraku is a trick-taking area control game. Outwit your opponents with tactical card play, use your loyal Samurais to bid control of areas and build prestige. Only the Daimyo with the highest reputation and the biggest stick can rule Japan!

Game play
3 à 4 players à partir de 12 ans 45 min
Langue des règles : anglais, japonais, chinois
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