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Une extension pour Conan par Antoine Bauza et Ludovic Maublanc.
The first expansion for the Conan board game: The Tower of Khitai, by multiple game award winning Antoine Bauza and Ludovic Maublanc. Take Conan and his companions East, to the mysterious land that is home to great sorcerers whose spells are feared by those from the West, and become swept up in a sinister assassination plot!
The box includes 21 highly detailed miniatures, two maps as well as host of cards/tokens and tiles. All this will allow you to play out a total of four scenarios (2 in the box, 2 on our website). The two scenarios in the box are magnificently crafted by the highly acclaimed authors Antoine Bauza (7wonders, Takenoko) and Ludovic Maublanc (Ca$h n’ Gun$, Cyclades). Take part in a daring assassination attempt before escaping from a flaming tower where the only way out is up!

Auteurs et éditions

édition 2015
De Ludovic Maublanc et Antoine Bauza
Édité par Monolith

Ce jeu a été ajouté en base le 22 févr. 2015


Année de publication 2015
Auteurs Ludovic Maublanc , Antoine Bauza
Illustrateurs ~
Éditeurs Monolith
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