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Valence teaches kids advanced chemistry with simple rules and ninjas! ... -card-game
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Advanced Chemistry + Simple Rules + Ninjas
Valence is a fast-paced, fun card game that uses simple math, colors, and cartoon ninjas to teach kids (8+) chemistry! Players use more than 25 different molecules to interact with each other and win the game!
How it Works
Players draw Element cards from the deck in order to form Molecules. Each Element has a different Valence number that describes how many electrons it has to give (positive) or how many electrons it needs (negative) to have a full valence shell. If the Valence numbers add up to zero, they form a Molecule!

Players then select their Molecule from the Molecule bank by matching the colors of the elements to the colors of the molecules. These colors represent the element's group on the periodic table - Halogens, for instance, are red.

Each Molecule is worth a certain point value. Halocarbons, are worth the most at 4 points because they are difficult to make. Salts, which are much easier to form, are only worth 1. If your molecules add up to 10 points then you win the game! But beware… several molecules are vulnerable to attack from your opponents! Acids attack Bases (4 points) and turn them into Salt and Water (1 point each).

Deadly Carbonyls (which have the special power of removing oxygen from the board) are vulnerable to attack by Water. Players interact with each other using real chemical reactions!
Science Ninjas
Each element card is tagged with a unique “Science Ninja.” These are diverse, fun characters sporting high-tech goggles, kimono-style lab coats, and bandoliers with chemical vials. Each Molecule Card features Science Ninjas from their forming elements. For instance, the Water card features Eureka Fermi, who represents Hydrogen, and Sloop'eeku Okiedokie, representing Oxygen. Players identify with characters and form their own narratives around the games they play.
Obviously the main reward is our game Science Ninjas: Valence! You get 86 cards - 41 Element cards and 45 Molecule cards, an 8 page instruction manual, and a nifty tuck box to store it all in. And if you're in the US, you get free shipping! You can also buy two decks - either keep both or donate one to one of our partner organizations (see Stretch Goals for a list). But we have a host of other options as well:
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