Ce jeu est sorti le 24 août 2012, et a été ajouté en base le 24 août 2012 par Meeeuuhhh

édition 2012
Par Vital Lacerda
Illustré par Giacomo Tappainer et Paula Simonetti
Édité par

Standalone 1 extension

Avec la variante officielle uniquement (V1)

Ce jeu est absolument magnifique et de grande qualité graphique.
à jouer avec la variante officielle de l'auteur :
"Hi all,
With this variant you are weakening the value of building and make more obvious the power of installations, making it easy for first timers to understand instalations advantages avoiding the stall in the last decade. It also shortens the game.

1. CO2 must be played from 1 to 4 players as it was initialy designed.
Avoid the 5 players game, specially in your first matches.

2. CO2 always plays in a max of 4 decades on all player counts.

3. To install, players don't pay CEPs anymore and 1 expertise is increased to the player on the type of energy installed.

4. Building a power plant costs the player a CEP and 1 more coin, and does not increase the expertise anymore. "

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