Naruto Shippuden: TBG to be released in English by Japanime Games

Some of you may remember my article on Naruto Shippuden : The Board Game from a few weeks ago. It was a rather notable it’s the first anime licensed board game I’ve come across that actually seemed worth talking about. This sounds like I’m underplaying it too, but it is genuinely a good game to the point that fans of the series and general board gamers alike can enjoy taking the fight to the Akatsuki.




There was a small hiccup at the time however. The game is made by Yoka Games, a French publisher that, at the time of writing, didn’t have an agreement for an English version/distributor. Well the good news is that they now do and Japanime Games will be working with Yoka to bring Naruto Shippuden : TBG and any future titles to the English market!



In the mean time you can check out my previous article on the game, a PDF of the rules generously provided by Japanime Games here as well as their website where pre-orders for the game will be available in the Spring!


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