Infinity: Terminus Segments by Micro Art Studios

The definition of “miniature gaming” has become quite hazy nowadays, mostly thanks to the rise of miniatures in board games. Not that that’s a bad thing; but we sure have come a long way from the time when miniatures were exclusively reserved for wargames. That being said, there are still some big differences between wargames and board games with miniatures and this isn’t limited to the models themselves. What you play on is as important as what you play with. In board games this equivalates to, well, a board. In wargaming it’s all about the terrain; a lot of it too; especially in the case of games like Infinity where an open battle zone makes for a rather boring experience.




“Back in the day” (god I sound old) terrain was generally a DiY affair. A Can sprayed grey for a silo here, household appliance Styrofoam packaging for a building there. The more adventurous of us used foam board, balsa wood and other craft materials to make our game boards come to life. Now though, much like the world of miniatures themselves, things have evolved and thanks to new technologies such as laser cutting, 3D printing and material printing the battlefields of today are looking better than ever.

Those of you familiar with tabletop affairs will no doubt know all about them but, for those of you that don’t, let me present to you Micro Art Studios; a company out of Poland that has been kicking around the miniature wargaming scene for quite some time now. Originally becoming popular for their line of excellent resin bases, MAS were one of the first companies to jump on the Laser cut terrain wagon and produce specialized terrain for Infinity. Their most recent Kickstarter project, currently in its final week as I write this, is a continuation of this idea.




Terminus Segments is a Terrain Kickstarter with a twist. Effectively MAS aren’t the only ones to produce some great MDF (medium density fibreboard) terrain so what makes this one special? Well, the words quantity, quality and modularity come to mind. To understand exactly how this system works, we have to go write down to the gaming surface itself, the mat.

Neoprene (mousepad) mats are all the rage nowadays. They cost more than a PVC or cloth surface but are also more durable, water resistant, and protect models that may fall over. On top of this, printing technology means that the high resolution images make for one sweet looking battlefield. MAS and other companies are already producing these but they do suffer from a certain flaw, especially where city maps are concerned: repetition. You see, if you have a cityscape game mat then the roads, walkways, green spaces and such will be printed on, ergo, always be in the same place. This makes for a very similar layout every time unless you start taking liberties with terrain placement, which will look a bit weird. What MAS have rather ingeniously done here is split this mat into a four by four grid with separate neoprene “tiles”. This means that you can configure your grid however you want and have roads and other such terrain features run where you want them to, allowing for thousands of different setups, whatever you need for your particular scenario and envisioned terrain layout.


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It also means you can even customize the SIZE. Want to have a small game or something more scenario based like a small sting operation in a inner city back ally or a blazing firefight in a marketplace? Well with this modular system you can!

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Now this idea is enough to turn some heads and attract some interest, and it has, as proven by the $50,000 the campaign has already raised but this isn’t just a game mat MAS are selling here but a complete tabletop setup ready to build and play. These Neoprene tiles have been packaged with a large part of the Micro Arts Studio terrain range including quite a few new pieces. This includes their excellent modular building range as well as their unique foamcore vehicles and scatter terrain pieces which really help complete the image of a futuristic suburban zone.  Whilst we’re on the subject I think it’s important to reiterate how well planned out this terrain is for infinity. Let’s take a look at one of the new pieces on offer which is a prime example of this:





As you can see MAS have made sure that all the different elements are in accordance with the Infinity rules (terrain being large enough to provide cover to a standard trooper, etc) and that they are practical for playing the game (bases fit thought doors, on stairs, modular levels, etc) on top of being visually tied in with the game’s setting so you can get exactly what you want out of this terrain; a thematic and hassle free Infinity experience.




Now, don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a cheap pledge, terrain rarely is, but it will give you a fully functioning board with all the trimmings ready to go at around $450. Expensive, but still cheaper than what it would cost you to assemble a board of this magnitude separately. After a bit of assembly and painting what you will end up with is an amazing and immersive warzone totally customizable and ready to provide you with a unique experience each time you play it!




For those of you that already have enough terrain; the mat can be purchased separately although the price for the bundle is quite advantageous. You can also get smaller packages ($100-250) that offer you smaller more specific sets of terrain such as the market or back alley setups I mentioned earlier.

I already have a full table of badlands terrain for my USAriadna at home but I’ve wanted something more city scape for certain missions/settings and, as such, this really is the perfect opportunity to acquire it! For those of you searching for an all inclusive package to get your table ready for some seriosu games of Infinity, look no further!


You can find the Terminus Segments Ks page HERE


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