Descent : Road to Legend – The plot thickens !

Fantasy flight Games have revealed some more interesting information about the upcoming Descent AI Dungeon Master App: Road to Legend.




What is it exactly? You can find more info on a previous article here, otherwise, this latest update has gone into more specifics about the functions and gameplay changes coming with the app.

  • Alternating turns: Classic Descent runs on the “Hero turn, evil turn” standard but the app will be using an alternate system, one introduced in Imperial Assault where one hero will activate, then one group of monsters, then another hero, and so on. This has the effect of making the game a bit tenser, less predictable and with little downtime between player actions.


  • Moral: Heroes don’t die when defeated in battle but the overlord normally gained some bonuses from it and of course the heroes lose time. With this AI system, the digital overlord now causes you to lose moral points every time a hero is knocked out. Should you fall below zero, you fail the scenario! The AI probably wouldn’t of been as crafty as with its bonus points as a human so this is a good alternative to keep the pressure up in a way that the app can manage.


  • Difficulty: One of my big questions about this app is how hard will the AI be on us? Can we change the difficulty? Still no info on that precisely but in this update the author does qualify it as “cold and malevolent” that won’t “simply rush blindly into combat, monsters may attack and then retreat out of range of melee attacks. They may concentrate all their efforts on a weakened hero to knock him out, or they might use their special actions to cause maximum pain”. Now those are some encouraging words and I do hope that the reality can live up to them! On top of that the article talks of a “Peril” score that will increase during the game, causing more enemies to spawn and harmful events that will hinder the heroes will become more numerous. On top of that, the group’s peril increases exponentially if they spend too much time out of combat so there won’t be much time to catch your breath between onslaughts!


  • Exploration: As promised, the game seems to allow you to build the map as you go, laying down new times and prompting you to resolve events as you come across them. This gives the game a roleplaying aspect that it was missing before and is possibly one of the most interesting elements that the app brings to the table!




There is still no confirmed date for release with it still being classified as “a few weeks” but I’m pretty sure this is going to be worth the wait!


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