Adepticon 2016 - Crystal Brush

Any fans of toy soldiers out there will have heard of Adepticon, a huge miniature wargaming event that takes place every year just outside of Chicago. This year’s event is, well, was this weekend, the exhibitors have probably only just finished packing up their stands it’s that fresh. Now, there’s a lot to say about this event, especially if you’re a fan of minis however this post is going to concentrate on one event amongst many: The Crystal Brush.




The Crystal Brush is a painting competition, a prestigious one at that, hosted by Adepticon and run by Cool Mini or Not. Every year there is a huge showing of talent and this year was no different! You can find the entire gallery here and some of my personal favourites below! Enjoy the eye candy!





Guardians of the North



The Sad King






No Hope

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